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Membership Application

This is a printable application form. Please enter the information requested, print the form, sign and mail it, along with your check or money order payable to Lake Doster Golf Club, to: Tim Hartson, Lake Doster Golf Club, 116 Country Club Blvd., Plainwell, MI 49080 or fax it to Tim Hartson, Lake Doster Golf Club at (269) 685-1033.

I hereby make application for membership at Lake Doster Golf Club for the 20____ golf season.
Name of Applicant
Name of Spouse
Name of Children

Home Address Billing Address
Home Phone
Bus Phone
Cell Phone
Membership Type
E-Mail Address
Total Amount Enclosed
Check Number
I authorize all names listed to sign on my member account and I take full responsibility for any of their charges.

I understand the the Club is not responsible for loss or damage of any member's equipment used or stored at the Club. I will look to my own homeowner's policy for any claims.

I agree to always register at the Pro Shop before teeing off.

Children who have not passed the playing proficiency test must be accompanied by a parent. Children must be at least 16 years of age to operate gas carts.

NOTE: 1-1/4% monthly charge on all balances over 30 days. All restaurant and bar charges automatically have a 15% gratuity/service fee added. Additional tip at member's discretion.

Signature of Applicant