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Par 5

Par 5 Golf Group

116 Country Club Boulevard, Plainwell, Michigan 49080
(269) 685-8035

For more information, contact Tim Hartson, Corporate Officer at Mobil Phone (269) 720-8571 or Office (269) 685-8035, ext. 24.

Practical Management for Golf Club Success

Quality • Service • Leadership • Commitment • Growth

Par Five Golf Group is a full-service management/consultant company in the golf industry. Founded in 1989, the organization has experience in most aspects of golf course operations. This experience includes operations, construction, development, consulting, and financing.

Our business philosophy includes two very important policies. The first being, combine a good customer (member) experience with a good employee experience. Second, we create profit through increasing revenues and controlling costs.

Because of our company’s varied and extensive background, we are able to provide services in many different ways. We have the ability to manage an already existing facility, or we can work on the development of a new project. Our expertise includes such areas as design, construction, operations, and financing. You may contact us for a long-term management agreement and/or a turnkey operation.

If you are looking for a management team, we will negotiate a management service agreement. Our goal would be to provide the necessary personnel, policies, and procedures to ensure continued success.

Our development team will provide a course architect, clubhouse architect, construction administrator, and other key personnel to get your project up and running.

Whether the course is existing, just starting up, or being planned, Par 5 Golf Group, Inc. has the management experience and know-how to effectively manage and operate the facility.

Why Contract with Par 5 Golf Group, Inc.

Experience and Resources


  • Experience in golf course operations since 1989.
  • Managing multiple units since 1991.
  • Extensive experience in managing semi-private clubs.
  • Success in running food and beverage operations.
  • Golf Club experience from the group up. Wallinwood Springs was a start-up project which included construction of the golf course and clubhouse.


  • We have 7 employees with over 155 years of experience in the golf business. All 7 have been with us for a minimum of 8 years.
  • The availability of staff expertise at all times.
  • A computer system allowing us to offer complete administrative services (i.e., accounts receivable, accounts payable, member billing, general ledger, income statements).
  • Members of the National Golf Course Owners Association.
  • Staff contacts with leading experts in the golf field.

Meet the Partners

Tim Hartson
Education: Albion College, 1983, B.A. Economics/Management, Emphasis in management.

Todd Hartson
Education: Albion College, 1987, B.A. Economics/Management, Emphasis in finance.

David Yaw
Education: Albion College, 1987, B.A. Economics/Management, Emphasis in accounting.

Barton Hartson and Walter Matyasic
Walt and Bart were born and raised in Battle Creek and were both 30-year employees with the Kellogg Company, where they held various management positions. Both Bart and Walt retired from the Kellogg Company, over 20 years ago, and are actively involved in the management decisions made by Par 5 Golf Group, Inc.